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Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade was filmed and is now streaming on Broadway on Demand.


What reviewers are saying about the streaming production

During the slightly more than 90-minute performance, the actor expertly reenacts many of the candidate’s most famous speeches… I was mesmerized by this live performance captured on film, especially after not having set foot in a theatre since March.  

By Nancy Sasso Janis – Naugatuck Patch

There’s something both wistful and foreboding about the superlative production of “Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade” now streaming on the Jewel Theatre Company.  In fact, both of these adjectives are apparent from the first few minutes of the 95-minute play which was written by David Arrow who also plays its only character, Bobby Kennedy.  As directed by Eric Nightengale, “Kennedy” is a vibrant, electrifying story chock-full of Robert Kennedy’s own words, culled from his many campaign speeches and with occasional flashes of that famous self-deprecating humor.

By Joanne Engelhardt – Santa Cruz Sentinel

What makes “Bobby” so relevant is that Arrow, who also wrote the play, incorporates elements from Bobby’s speeches that hold immediate importance today… he carries a fragility in his voice and in his eyes, which seems to say that he isn’t worthy to be president, but knowing that will hopefully make him a better president because he will listen to you and not be afraid to acknowledge his own faults and failures. It humanizes Bobby and makes us wonder what could have been and where we’d be if fate hadn’t stepped in and changed the course of history.

By Tim Leininger – Journal Inquirer

The 90-minute portrait is taut, yet balanced.  Arrow gives a dynamic solo performance… Solo performance is an art, and I’m constantly amazed when actors get it right. David Arrow is up there with the best of them. He captures the Kennedy accent effortlessly, and carefully balances the public RFK, sincere and confident, with the private, more unsure RFK behind the scenes of the campaign stages.

By Mark G. Auerbach – The Westfield News

As Kennedy, David Arrow does a remarkable job. He has the Kennedy quaver at times, and he can drawl out certain Boston inflections well enough to bring back those familiar voices. More keenly, his Kennedy takes us into his confidence, giving a chummy backstage access to the events as he lives them. There’s an immediacy that no documentary portrayal could achieve and that makes the play riveting.

By Donald Brown – New Haven Review

As mentioned, David Arrow has gotten the physical details just right…but it is also his gentle manner and command of the stage that truly brings Kennedy to life.  Arrow takes an audience member into something of a time machine, back to the turbulent era of 1968.  Indeed, it is the stunning power of “Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade” that this play draws a viewer close to the person whom Bobby Kennedy was, including his quirks and lovable characteristics, while still keeping one fully aware of how the show must tragically end.  It is also harrowing and more than a bit scary that, as one watches this production, it is clear that a lot of the problems in 1968 have really not become significantly better in 2020.  Do see the video stream of “Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade,” to experience a truly unforgettable evening of theater.

By Zander Opper – On-line review
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