The riveting one-man show, “Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade”, written and performed by David Arrow is the current offering at The Penguin Theatre. A perfect venue for this intimate portrait of the young politician driven by conscience and compassion.

When we first meet Robert Kennedy (David Arrow), he has just been killed. A surrealistic beginning finds him in a state of limbo, trying to understand what has happened to him. Through a series of flashbacks, we are taken on a journey with him on his campaign trail. Many of Kennedy’s most famous and impactful speeches are quoted as we share his triumphs, his strategies and his insecurities. We learn about his relationships with Ethel and his 11 children, Jackie, Ted, Martin Luther King, and so many others who touched his heart.

The 90 minutes fly by as we find ourselves totally enraptured by the stories; sights & sounds all brought to vivid life by the brilliant David Arrow. It is a performance filled with humor and vulnerability. Arrow resembles Bobby with his boyish good looks, that long hair, the piercing blue eyes, and the convincing Massachusetts accent. He initially played Robert Kennedy, in Jack Holmes’s play, RFK. That experience prompted him to learn more about Kennedy and, eventually, to write the script for this show. It is a brilliantly conceived and sincere tribute to a Democratic hero of the past.   (read more)

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